90 Days to the Wedding: Day 82

Today was truly a lazy Sunday!  I slept in until 11, and Nick slept in until 1:30 pm!!  We were both very tired, and stayed up way too late on Saturday.  While Nick slept I bought a ton of stuff off of Amazon, Macy’s and Neiman Marcus: Crest whitestrips, NYX PBTaupe11 for contouring my nose, Lancome Color Design lipstick in Fashion Icon, Lancome powder, YSL highlighter, DiorShow Brow Liner etc etc.  I also splurged and bought this lovely hat from Coolibar for only $12.95!  California girl and all, I have to protect my skin…even though I’m spending the summer in Denmark…it can get just as hot as in California.  I have to have everything I need for the wedding by June 4th which is my deadline for getting the suitcase  ready to take to Denmark.

When Nick woke up we had a lovely breakfast downstairs…well it wasn’t that lovely…it is way too sunny downstairs at this time of year.  We really need an awning to protect ourselves from the heat and sun!  You can’t even watch television because of the glare off of the screen.  Modernistic large glass windows look cool but are so impractical.

I then continued my obsession over choirs from 3-5pm.

I finally wrote an email to a professional choir where each member costs $250 dollars.  I sent them a list of the songs I want sung at the wedding and asked ‘Can you do it?’

I really want to walk in to the church to ‘Northern Lights’ by Ola Gjeilo…that’s why the obsession with church choirs.

I also said yes to our Soprano who will sing Ave Maria and Panis Angelicus.  She is again, $250 dollars.

While I was obsessing over choirs, Nick would occasionally walk into my room and rehearse his second stand-up set.

At 5pm I stopped obsessing over the wedding and began getting ready for Nick’s Stand-Up Comedy.  His set was about the guy who took a shit on the floor of my workplace the other week.  I thought it was very funny…the audience on the other hand didn’t seem interested in bathroom humor.  Their loss!

I wore my black sleeveless dress from Karen Millen and black heels.  I overdress to the comedy club, but I think it’s fine because it reflects well upon Nick to always have a wife who dresses to the nines when she is out with him.

So yeah, I was the well-dressed supportive wife at the comedy club…and I recorded Nick’s set on my camera so he could come home and watch it.  The audience wasn’t so great last night and a lot of the other comedians felt a bit stressed.  Afterwords we hit up the grocery store and bought ice cream and potato salad.  Nick made paninis and I goofed off in bed…I have no idea what I did last night…but I didn’t go to sleep until 2 am again…bad Christine….

So that was the day!