90 Days Until the Wedding: Day 83 The Royal Wedding

I went to work for a few hours this morning.  And then I ran home to watch the Royal Wedding!  Nick had the bed all ready for me and when I hopped under the covers he turned on the tv and brought up the replay on youtube.

I’m ambivalent on Harry and Meghan as a couple.  I think it will be fascinating to see if the marriage works out.  Everyone…and I mean everyone…thinks this is a bad marital match.  So if they do divorce…then I think it’s a big wake-up call to all the divorced people in the world.  It proves what I have long suspected…everyone saw your divorce coming long before the wedding day.

However, Harry and Meghan have a great deal in common with their love of jet setting humanitarian causes and the camera.  People accuse Meghan of being in love with the camera…but Harry is just as bad.  He quit his military career to be a full-time travel-loving humanitarian with the Invictus Games.  So I think they are Perfect for one another on this front.

Harry and Meghan also bizarrely look the same…the same nose for sure…the same side profile.  And they always say that couples who look the same stay together.

But the argument for divorce is simple.  Both Harry and Meghan come from notoriously unstable families.  I’m no fan of Princess Diana, and marrying the youngest son who is the most similar to Diana comes at great risk.  William, thank goodness, does not take after his mother so he has a stable marriage.  Harry however is a spitting image of Diana…from the camera fawning, to the charity-as-full-time-job.  It’s possible that any relationship he enters will be short-lived and dramatic like all of Diana’s relationships.

Both Harry and Meghan have also been ‘around the block’ as far as dating and relationships are concerned…which makes it that much more difficult for them to bond in a permanent way.

It is the question of the century…Can two *possible* narcissists from unstable backgrounds have so many personality traits in common that they are able to form a stable, lasting, and loving union?

We are all going to find out!

Anyways…the wedding itself was very nice.  But there were hardly any flowers in the church…all the flowers were by the entrance.  Love, love, love the flowers by the entrance…very reminiscent of Millie Mackintosh’s wedding to the Professor Green.  I do wish there had been more flowers inside the church though.

As always, the choir and music was fabulous.  Meghan’s dress was superb.  It was very similar to Christina Infanta’s dress…very standard-issue European royalty…but that is because it is so understated yet flawless.  Well done Meghan!

The reception dress was Legend….I kinda want to copy it with this dress off of Etsy…

After watching the wedding, I forced Nick to watch Sophie and Andrew’s wedding and then a bit of Infanta Christina’s wedding.  Sophie and Andrew still have the #1 Royal Wedding in my book…it is simple, elegant, understated, yet absolutely classy.  No wonder there marriage has gone from strength to strength!  Well done!

So yeah, I spent the entire day soaked in the luxury of Royal Weddings!  And then I ate…Chocolate Ice Cream!