90 Days Until the Wedding: Day 90

Yesterday was May 11th.  That means it’s 90 days until our wedding and I am officially stressed out!  We’re doing everything ourselves to save money.  I’m going to keep a quick diary of the next 90 days for posterity and about the planning process.

I went to work at 5:30 am with a wakeup call of 4:30 am (yes I’m the only person who can wake up that early which is why I have that particular job.)  As I set up, I listened to King Felipe and Queen Letizia of Spain’s wedding.  They are like the Spanish version of me and Nick…he’s so tall and she’s so short (but much smaller than me…I have a lot of weight to lose)!

Earlier this week I pissed off the church organist because I have no idea what to do as far as the choir and songs to sing.  But yesterday I realized my problem…compare the Royal Wedding of Sophie and Andrew…it’s perfect…wonderful…uplifting…joyous…cheerful.  The choir sings hymns with the churchgoers and it’s all very positive.  Now a Traditional Catholic wedding is much more solemn, mystical, and serious…but still intensely beautiful and moving.

Which wedding do I want?

The church organist just wants to play hymns and be done with it…but I don’t think that’s going to make me happy which was at the root of my passive aggressive behavior.  (Whenever I’m unhappy but can’t figure out why…I become irritating, annoying, and passive aggressive to those around me until I figure out what is causing this physical/emotional response.)

So I have one week to solve my musical wedding ceremony dilemmas.  I have made a list of Gregorian Chants and hymns and everything else…I bought and downloaded “Latin High Mass for Nostalgic Catholics” which I have been listening to.  I’m watching all of the royal weddings (yippee!)

Yesterday morning at work, I began to feel uneasy.  I walked outside and saw two men on the sidewalk, drunk, giggling and laughing like evil schoolgirls.  I went to the front of the building and began fussing with an outside table.  A manager walked by and greeted me.  Then I heard a door open behind me….I walked inside through the open sliding glass window (unofficial entrance) and the two men were now inside the building standing at the entrance.  I immediately turned around and walked out again as I smelled trouble.  Needless to say, when I came back inside…the men had shit on the floor of the entrance to my work.  Human shit on the floor.

There was recently a very nasty firing, so we think it was a disgruntled former employee.

It was a shitty day 🙂 (the joke all people at work were using all day)

A chef at work has kindly offered to cook the food for our wedding dinner for a reasonable fee.  So yesterday after work (Nick had the day off), Nick came and we took the chef out for coffee and discussed the wedding.  It went really well and we feel very positive about the food.  It was also nice having Nick come to work…helped brighten my day a little!

So yes…the music is the number one problem.  This weekend I need to buy plants to landscape the church patio (very bad idea for me volunteering to do this…baaaaad idea!)  I’m going to try to see the church choir sing this weekend.  Finally, Nick and I have a party to attend on Saturday night.

Busy, busy, busy!