90 Days Until the Wedding: June 21st

Today is the longest day of the year!

I was recuperating from my Migraine yesterday.  I did more research on all the things I want for the wedding.  Basically, if I want artificial boxwood on the walls of the reception room (can’t afford it for the patio) I would pay 200 dollars to have it shipped from the USA.

So instead, I’m going to buy 10 40 by 60 cm pads from Angela’s Flower Store on Aliexpress.com.

So now we have 650 for flowers and artificial boxwood, 200 for cake stands and maybe 150 leftover for coffee makers or vases.  That’s my 1000 dollar reception budget.

Nick stayed home from work but worked really really hard in his office.  I heard him talking on the phone.  He’s under a lot of stress.  I walked to Fotex and Silvan with my friend Lars to buy some flowers and get Nick lunch.  I came home and ate lunch with Nick then took a 2 hour nap which did a lot to get rid of the last of the headache.

Both Nick and I cleaned the house a bit as his parents are coming tomorrow night and will be sleeping over.

We had a lovely dinner, I went and got chocolate cake and Sparkly water from Netto.

We also sat on the couch and took photos!  Now we shall end the day by watching a horror movie about Fishes.  It’s called ‘Island Zero’ and it inspires me to make my own movie with Nick!  (Seriously)