90 Days Until the Wedding: June 6th “Happy Birthday To Me!!”

Today was my 36th birthday!  It’s a bit scary, but as I said to my girlfriend when she turned 30…’Unless you are a Victoria’s Secret model whose job depends upon youth’…it doesn’t really matter.  Well it does, but only when it comes to having children.  Nick and I are working on having children, but for some couples it is just difficult.  But we have a plan, and it is just a matter of implementing that plan and I think we will be fine.  So 36 will be a good year!

I woke up and staggered downstairs where Nick had a wonderful surprise for me!

I am so spoiled!

I can’t tell you how nice it was for Nick to get me all of those wonderful presents.  Nick got me a pan for making omelettes (I think that was more of a gift for himself than for me as he loves my brie and blueberry omelette!)  Then he got me a super surprise that I didn’t see coming at all…A Kahler Termokand!  Nick had asked me the other day what I wanted for the wedding registry and this was the only thing I could think of.  What I didn’t realize was that it was all a con-job to find out what I wanted for my birthday!  I LOVE the Kahler Termokande.  It is a work of art.  I would go to Bahne just to say hello to this white thermos.  Next up, Nick got me a cute wooden bench for outside the house.  My plan is to put flowers on either side and also use it as seating for the wedding reception.  Nick told me there was one more surprise for my birthday but it hadn’t arrived in the mail yet.

After breakfast, Nick worked very very hard at putting together the bench.  We put it outside and it looked perfect.

The first stop on my birthday day was lunch at a small cafe.  It was so perfect!  They had fresh peonies on all of the tables, and the smell was delicious.  I just sat at the table with my nose embedded in the petals.  I had a trout open-faced sandwich with a beet root smoothie while Nick had a green smoothie with a beet-root open-faced sandwich.  Nick kept stealing my smoothie because it tasted better.  For dessert we had an amazing frozen cheesecake.  Truly delicious!

After lunch, we went on a trip to Plantorama!  What a funny name…’Plantorama.’  I want to buy a lot of flowers for the church garden and plant them so I’m always looking for plant sales.  We went specifically looking for this small pink flower, but they were all sold out!  I did find two cute ‘fluffle’ trees that I want to put on either side of the cake table.

We bought some plant food and then headed off for the airport!  My mother was arriving at Copenhagen Airport and we needed to pick her up.  Unfortunately on our way we got notified that the plane was delayed.  So we stopped off at Flyvegrillen and had a hamburger and some soda.  Flyvegrillen is a fun hamburger stand for kids and adults overlooking Kaastrup Airport.  There’s a little playground and a raised platform so that you have a great view of the airport runway.  After watching planes take off, we were notified that my mom’s plane was even more delayed!  So we decided to continue our day and stop off at Dragor!

This was the first time in our relationship that Nick and I had gone to Dragor together.  We parked the car and walked hand-in-hand around the small village.  Then we made our way over to my ‘secret beach’ that was mentioned in Nordic Nights.  Fortunately or unfortunately, the ‘secret beach’ at Dragor is now a very large public beach with a swimming area.  But it’s still wonderful and I love it!  We sat in the sand together and chatted before heading back to the car.  We drove the airport, parked and went to Burger King for more soda as we waited for my mom to arrive from the United States.

We found my mom, gathered everything up in the car, and took her to Statement Coffee in Copenhagen where we had veggie bowls and chatted.  Now the time zone difference really hit my mom, so we took her home.  At home I was able to go through my suitcase and look at all the awesome stuff I got from the U.S.

I tried on both of my wedding dresses and one of them fit perfectly!!!  Nick saw it and immediately said ‘That’s the one!’

So exciting and such a relief!

After the excitement of wedding dresses, we all went to bed…it had been a long day…but a wonderful birthday.  A huge thanks to the most wonderful husband in the world for all of the wonderful gifts, food, and of course his love!