90 Days Until the Wedding: June 7th

Today my mother and I went into Copenhagen to see the church, Magasin, and go veil shopping.  We stopped by Skt. Ansgar’s Cathedral and it was beautiful as always.  Then I had an idea…we were just a few streets away from the florist, Lars Jons, and this was the perfect opportunity to stop on by!  So I dragged my mother over to his shop.  We met with Lars Jons and his wonderful assistant and discussed several options for wedding flowers.

He said he would go and see the church and provide a list of options for us, so that will be very exciting!

At the florist I saw a few table arrangements that he had done…one was very clever…a glass cylinder with a potted plant inside…I think it was a small herb…and then a rose embedded into the green leaves of the live plant.  It looked beautiful!  I went home and tried to copy it…but failed miserably.  This is why you hire a florist.

Next stop was Magasin!  We went to the very top floor to have lunch.  My mom wasn’t very enthused as it had changed and her little lunch area was gone.  So we settled for some very uninspired smorrebrod.  But that’s ok…not everything can be perfect all the time!

By now both my mom and I were pretty worn out but we still had one thing left on our agenda…Veil Shopping!

So we headed to Casa Lezar, near Norreport, and took a looksie at their veils.  They had one that appeared perfect!  I made an appointment to come back the next day.

Then my mother and I headed home.  We both fell asleep until dinner.  I went to Burn & Build, my new killer workout class.  And Nick was kind enough to pick me up at Vanlose.

Nick made a very tasty traditional danish meat dish…meat patties, white sauce, with carrots and peas.  Nick is an amazing cook!

Then Nick had one more birthday surprise for me.  The other day he asked me ‘What is your dress size and favorite brand from Zalando?’ and I said Str. 38 and Ivy & Oak.

Nick bought me a gorgeous navy off-the-shoulder midi dress that fit perfectly and looked amazing with my Gianvito Rossi shoes!  I tried it on for him and my mom and both were very impressed.

After that we headed off to bed to get ready for another long day.