90 Days Until the Wedding: June 8th

My mother and I headed into Copenhagen this morning to try my dress on with the veil we found at Casa Lezar.  Unfortunately, the dress and the veil did not match.  My dress is a white-white and the veil was ‘white’ but had a bit of ivory in it.  So it was a no-go.  Very unfortunate!  I did try on some wedding shoes though…nice satin ones that were very comfy but insanely pricey considering they would only be worn once.

The only thing I bought was a dress bag for my wedding dress.  Afterwards, my mom and I headed to Copenhagen Central Station to get her a rejeskort, convert money, and get her on her train to Moen.  Just as we were looking around to see which track she should go on, I spotted the train!  It was just waiting for her…so in less than 5 seconds she was on the train.  Very fast and very unexpected.  We waved goodbye and my mom was off.

Then I headed to Magasin where I had a soda and walked around a bit.  Then I came home and began looking for a ‘Diamond White’ veil.  I found some but for over 250 dollars!  So expensive.

I also continued my choir bargaining over email…we still haven’t solved the choir crisis of 2018!  Then I went to bed early because I had work the next day and Dag’s birthday party at night.