90 Days Until the Wedding: June 9th

Today I went to work in the morning.  The waitress at worked saw the horrible rash on my hand, arm, and neck.  She immediately identified it and told me that sulphur would get rid of it.  Ironically, I wash my face with Sulphur soap to get rid of my acne which explains why the redness cleared up around my eyes, eyelids, mouth, and hairline.  (Yeah, I was covered in fungus)

Enough about fungus (a fungus caused by a decrease in my immune system!)  After work I ran home and put on my new dress from Ivy & Oak and makeup.  I didn’t have time to do my hair.  I also got to wear my Gianvanito Rossi heels for the first time (unfortunately not pictured.)  Me and Nick went to Dag’s 40th birthday.  The food was fabulous!  Salmon, meat, dressing, ice cream for dessert.  Why didn’t I take any photos?  I should go online and steal some from other people…

At first I wasn’t so friendly, but by the end of the party I had several very good conversations with people.  Nick and I have been having Joking Arguments about the concept of ‘Self-Soothing’ a baby.  Nick thinks it’s child abuse and I think it’s a great idea.  I want my kids to be disciplined.  So Nick and I had two conversations with girls who had children and the girls were just thinking I was crazy over my obsession with self-soothing.  It was really funny though.  After talking with the ladies, I will definitely try self-soothing with my child but I think training your child with a peaceful night time routine is very important.

We had lots of good conversations at the party from whether to baptise a child, to self-soothing, to just silly stuff.  It was a great party and we had a lot of fun!