90 Days Until the Wedding: May 30th (What day are we on?)

How many days until the wedding?  I don’t update my blog enough to keep track!  Oh well…so what did I do today….

Not much!

I woke up.  I made Nick his daily ‘Horror Juice’ and today I added extra Horror!  What is horror juice you may wonder?  Horror juice is one half of a lemon juice, Bragg’s apple cider vinegar, all in hot-ish water (I boil water and add it to cold water.)  The ‘extra’ horror is when I put a full lemon’s juice in the cup and a bit more Bragg’s apple cider than unusual.  Then I give Nick a spoonful of apricot butter.

After that I goofed off.  Then I went out on the town with my friend Emily!  We had this lovely lunch…

I was able to say ‘No’ to my favorite donuts…

During lunch we talked girl stuff…then we wandered over to the park and sat on the grass and continued chatting.  Today is the start of ‘Distortion’ which is a Copenhagen music festival where they play really loud techno music in the streets.  Kids were swarming everywhere…some of the girls were wearing embarrassingly skimpy outfits (garter belt with undies.)  It’s pretty sad actually because really…what is the outcome for most of these girls?  Though all societal stigma on all lifestyles has been removed…that doesn’t change the fact that not all lifestyles lead to equal amounts of contentment, fulfillment and long-term happiness.  But I digress…

Then I went home…cleaned a bit…harassed Nick…and now my quiche just beeped from the oven.  So it’s time for dinner and I will probably continue watching ‘Northern Lights’ with Leann and Eddie on youtube.  It’s not a bad movie.

I’m back from dinner and I hung out with a cat outside and then took selfies with facebook 🙂 🙂