90 Days Until the Wedding: Sunday May 27th

Nick and I woke up bright and early.  We headed into Copenhagen to see the church and check on my plants and do more ‘flower color’ tests.  Unfortunately….no one was at church!  We have no idea what was going on…but the coffee and cookie room that everyone goes to was locked.  So our plan was squashed.  I will admit though that it was fun driving in the car with Nick early Sunday morning.  I can’t remember what we talked about but we had a fun time.

We stopped by Kirsten’s bakery and got bread and a chocolate croissant.

There was a little flea market outside the house.  So while Nick ate breakfast, I dashed in and out like a little bug buying things from the flea market.  I paid 40 kroner for a vintage teacup.  I’m such a sucker!!!!  The woman was nice and pregnant and I couldn’t say no!  Why did I do such a stupid thing?  But you know…I think  I made someone happy!  I just won’t go to Starbucks one day.  The other people were very nice and I got an old silver mirror that would be perfect for wedding decor, 2 tealights (they have a matching set at the red cross up the street which I will go pick up), 2 very nice flower bud tealights that look so good they are sitting on the living room table, and two giant Cognac Glasses which I don’t know why I bought…but I have them and I will use them for flower arrangements around the bar area.

I also bought two ‘drommekage’ from the little girls sitting outside for me and Nick to enjoy.

Then what did we do….I can’t remember!!  It was hot…but it’s always hot…I think I just sat in bed in the darkness and relaxed for the rest of the day.

I may have attempted to clean my room…key word ‘attempted’ as it’s still dirty.