The Daily Rudeness

A Complement for Jill Biden and an insult to Meghan Markle

I’m pretty sure Jill Biden has worn the same lemon print Oscar De La Renta dress to several engagements. If this is true, and she regularly wears this dress, then that makes me so happy. Finally someone understands two important points:

  1. Beautiful dresses SHOULD be worn more than once…dozens of times in fact…because they are so pretty. Why would you leave something so special hanging in the closet? If I was Jill, I’d wear the dress daily because it is extremely flattering.
  2. The Meghan Markle-ization of fashion sucks. You don’t need to wear a new dress for every zoom call or engagement. Yes, I get it, she’s creating a Look Book to Chronicle the History Of Herself as Faux-Fashion Icon…but the constant fashion parade looks more like Gauche Narcissism. It’s not flattering.