A Visit to Howth Ireland

IMGP4467 IMGP4453IMGP4480IMGP4478Dress:  Bruuns Bazaar (sample sale Copenhagen)| Coat: Warehouse (here)

When I was in Ireland, I made sure to visit the seaside village of Howth.  There is an amazing pier that goes all the way out into the harbor and ends in a lighthouse (scroll down.)  I went to Howth several times because I became obsessed with the fish that I bought from Wrights of Howth….so good, so very very good.  Of all the seaside villages around Dublin, Howth seemed to fit my personality the best.  A very down to earth village, with plenty of great restaurants.  There was even a Howth market with fresh bread and pastries.  Now on to my clothes!  I really like this dress from Bruuns Bazaar.  As you can see, it is a stunner when paired with my #WareStyle coat!  I created quite a capsule collection for Ireland with just a few items.  The real plus with this dress is the quality; it is fully lined and the material is superb.  But that is no surprise as it is from Danish brand Bruuns Bazaar.  I will get a lot of use out of this dress.  Scroll down to see more photos!

IMGP2668 IMGP2671IMGP4371 IMGP2674 IMGP3135 IMGP2701 IMGP2745IMGP2826 IMGP3065 IMGP2968 IMGP2974