The Daily Rudeness

I do

Scott Adams in his latest show asked if there were people who weigh the risks about going to the grocery store to get ice cream (or something like that.)

I do. There’s several dangerous roads nearby (I almost got my heel run over by a car doing an illegal turn, and they are always doing illegal turns there…another time I was walking home at night past the grocery store and a car threw illegal fireworks at me.) I rarely take those routes when going places, and certainly not at night. As a woman, if I want ice cream from the grocery store after sunset, I either wait until my husband can go with me or I don’t go.

Scott Adams lives in a good area, with a nice car (there’s really no good areas in California anymore so the nice car is important), so he’s forgotten that a lot of people do worry about going to the store to get ice cream.

These life experiences influence my opinion of the Covid vaccine. I’m not getting the Covid vaccine. I perceive the world as being less safe than how Scott Adams perceives the world. This is due to my socio-economic status, my sex, and my life goals (trying to get pregnant via IVF and having the medical community let me down via malpractice.) I make decisions every day to eliminate risk and maximize the chances of achieving my goals (pregnancy.)