AliExpress is Everything!

I admit it! I buy clothing off of, and I love it! I’ve bought four items so far: a sweater for fun that smelled like formaldehyde, this lovely dress that had great reviews (it was worn by the actress who played Meghan Markle in the Lifetime movie Harry & Meghan,) a black dress which was too small but nice, and a very nice sweater that is a bit tight because I need to lose weight…sizing is fine. That doesn’t sound like a very good success rate does it? Well, as I told my girlfriend, remember those ‘mystery grab bags’ as a child where you don’t know what you are going to get but that’s half the fun? Exactly! That’s how I feel about clothing off of Aliexpress. However, there are ways to increase your ‘hit’ rate.

  1. Type in the dress you are looking for such as ‘Black off the shoulder dress’ in the search bar and then press the ‘Orders’ button so you can see which dresses have the highest numbers of orders
  2. Look at the pictures in the reviews…if the dress looks nice on other people…go for it!
  3. Remember, sizes run small! Suck up your pride and get the bigger size. Learn to sew.
  4. Don’t pay more than $30 for a dress, $20 is ideal
  5. Have $100 dollars play money…consider it gambling, entertainment money…it’s all about the thrill of What May Come
  6. Find a reputable store, stick with it
  7. Ask the seller questions about sizing, they are very friendly
  8. And most importantly…Control yourself! Buying a Kooples dress for $150 or an A.L.C dress for $200 that looks great on you is a better deal than buying off of Aliexpress. Aliexpress is Gambling Fashion, it’s a form of entertainment. Treat it as such.
  9. Accessories off of Aliexpress are a different beast…hair-clips and earrings SHOULD be bought from Aliexpress because they are the exact same product in stores

I will create an Aliexpress buying guide soon. Until then, enjoy pictures of my dress. It’s a nice dress for Winter paired with my blue coat. I wore it to an event with my husband (pic here) and we took a group photo…I looked awesome! It photographed really well. The silk on the skirt is insanely low quality, but I’ve gotten a lot of joy out of the dress. It feels good to wear it on a coffee date and not stress about ruining it or spilling things. Sometimes, you need clothes that don’t cost that much.