• Advice

    No One Watches Lorenzo’s Oil Anymore

    A Cartoon that Encapsulates the Slave Mindset Perfectly. “How dare you think you can solve your own problems by individual research and education! Listen to us…always…we are the experts!” – screech our benevolent overlords.

    My husband had undescended testicles as a baby. As a result, the doctors refused to look any deeper into our fertility problems. Everyone, from my husband himself to his family to his doctors, wrote him off. Not one person would spend the time to look deeper into the problem…except for me.

    To make a long story short…After four rounds of IVF, I found an embryologist who stated ‘His sperm are all dead and have helmut heads.’ Now the embryologist stated this is an off-hand manner, if I hadn’t had argued with him, he never would have told me what he had seen. But that’s neither here nor there, as he did tell me.

    At the beginning of the relationship I had gotten a microscope and looked at my husband’s sperms myself. I had seen the round headed sperms, but I had also seen normal, fast and straight-swimming healthy sperms which is why I thought ICSI would work.

    So when the embryologist told me that All the Sperm Were Dead and All The Sperm had Round Heads…I realized that we weren’t dealing with undescended testes…we were dealing with a Progressive Illness. And a quick google search revealed that there were three causes of these exact symptoms:

    1. UTI
    2. STD’s
    3. Varicocele

    I dragged my husband, kicking and screaming, to a London clinic where he was diagnosed with a 4mm varicocele in one teste and a 2.5-2.8mm Grade 2 in the other….both of which they had somehow missed in previous ultrasound scans.

    So what is the moral of this story? If you want to get things done, listening to experts isn’t the way to do it, sometimes you have to use your Own Eyes and your Own Brain.

    Maybe everyone should be required to sit down and watch Lorenzo’s Oil?

  • HusbandLove

    The Hubby’s Christmas Presents

    I want to get my husband 4 gifts, 3 for Advent and 1 big Christmas gift. I think the Hugo Boss T-Rex shirt will be for Christmas, and then I’ll give him Sleeping Mist and Seychilles Diffuser from The White Company London, Pajamas from either John Lewis or The White Company (whoever has the best Black Friday sale wins!) and finally for November 29th a voucher for acupuncture or a massage.

  • Advice

    My best discovery

    I live in an area where coffee shops are extraordinarily expensive. I used to be able to go to Starbucks, sit for five hours, and buy a drink and a croissant for $5. Now I’m looking at $10 to do the same. Two drinks and no croissant cost $12. I miss going to Starbucks so badly, especially now that it’s late Fall/early Winter. Starbucks is so cozy in Nov/Dec. I love buying a Caramel Apple Spice and enjoying the laid-back Christmas music. Anyways, I needed to find a Starbucks Cozy Atmosphere replacement so that I could get a bit of writing done. And I did! Here are my two favorite coffee shop background music videos for writing and studying. Even my husband Nick loves them. Thank you to Calmed By Nature for making these amazing tracks/videos!

  • Fashion

    It’s Christmas WishList Time!

    The blue dress with the puff sleeves pictured on the left is divine, although I would only feel comfortable buying it after I lost a bit of weight. What I do is make a list of everything I want, and then, when the sales hit…I see what is left and how cheap I can get it. Works every time!

  • Travel

    London 2020

    Nick and I were lucky enough to go to London this September. Even Covid cannot stop our yearly trip to the UK. I feel more at home in the UK then I do in the United States which is a bit weird. Covid regulations did not negatively affect our trip, it was a bit of a positive because we got to stay at the Crowne Plaza Kensington for $89 a night, which is pretty insane.

  • Skincare

    What I use to control my Blepharitis

    Blepharitis is an inflammation of the eyelids in which they become red, irritated and itchy with dandruff-like scales that form on the eyelashes. It is a common eye disorder caused by either bacteria or a skin condition, such as dandruff of the scalp or rosacea.

    I recommend Dr. Jart Products, specifically the Ceramidin range. You can find Dr. Jart at Sephora. Baby lotion is a great choice for sensitive skin. I got the idea to use baby lotion on my face from Heidi Klum. Hope this helps anyone with winter skin problems!

  • Books

    Happy New Year Coffee Time Romance Readers!

    Hello Dear Readers! I hope 2020 brings you much love and many blessings! My blog is taking part in the New Year’s Eve book giveaway. To enter the book giveaway, you are supposed to find out the names of the two main characters in my ‘Winter Themed’ book and fill out this form https://coffeetimeromance.com/winterexpressscavengerhunt/ .

    I’m going to let you all guess which of my books is ‘Winter Themed’ but I’ll give you a HUGE hint…Reindeer….Dangerous Reindeer!

    You can find out which book it is by going to my Author Page on Amazon or going to the ‘My Novels’ page in the menu above.

    P.S. – Could someone throw out a follow to my instagram page…thank you! https://instagram.com/thefemininefix

    Happy New Year!

    An Evens Reindeer Herder in Magadan, Siberia

  • Decor

    Mr. Red’s Christmas Party

    This was the first year that I held a Christmas get-together with my friends Emily and Bronwyn. I cooked my legendary wiener schnitzel, along with a kale salad and mashed potatoes. Emily brought this amazing bouquet from Bering Flowers which replaced the original flowers that I had on the table. I was so grateful for such a beautiful gift! As everyone who follows my instagram knows, I LOVE fresh flowers. Bronwyn baked the most AMAZING gingerbread cake which was absolutely delicious! Nick and I ate that cake for the entire weekend. So grateful for such a wonderful dessert! Great food, great flowers, and great friends!

    As for the decorations, I got everything from Marks and Spencer (unfortunately it all went out of stock the day after Christmas.) The dessert plates, the matching platter, the tablecloth, napkins, even the cute little Christmas water glasses…all from England. I bought most of it in Edinburgh and carried it all back in the suitcase, but when I got home I ordered the tablecloth, napkins, and a second platter (it’s just so cute…I needed a back-up in case it breaks!) I’m so happy with my new Christmas table setting!