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    Best Marriage Advice

    If it needs to be done, do it. If you see it, take care of it. Be the person that fixes the problem, not the person who orders someone else to fix the problem.

    For example, don’t look in the fridge at something spoiled and passively aggressively say, ‘Are you trying to grow a fungus farm? I’m just asking!’

    That’s a good way to piss off your spouse and get a divorce. If you see a problem, fix the problem. Watch your marriage thrive.

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    Being fat is not a moral failure, but it’s still not healthy

    Every single person can relate to over-eating. I can’t write or study without a bowl of something nearby. I need food to calm myself. Am I a bad person? Of course not! Am I a bit undisciplined? Maybe. Am I using food as emotional support? Pretty sure that’s a yes. But I’m still not a bad person.

    However, once you start saying that being overweight is healthy…then you start to be a bad person. A doctor’s appointment can establish the state of your health, and your ideal weight. Food can be used to heal or to harm. You want to make sure your using food to heal.

    Gluttony is a sin. Gluttony is associated with overeating, but it also refers to Habitual Greed. I do not believe the obesity crisis in America is caused by gluttony. Americans work really hard and then turn to food for comfort, and oftentimes you think you are making a healthy decision when you are not because the ingredients are not forthcoming.

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    Cancel Culture means there are not enough white collar jobs

    The point of Cancel Culture is to get people fired from positions you want. But why would you want to do such a terrible thing to someone? Because there aren’t enough white collar Liberal Arts based jobs to go around.

    I have watched fashion bloggers go ‘Full Woke’ and full ‘Cancel.’ It was all just a dog-eat-dog way of saying ‘The money is drying up, the likes are harder to get, the followers are nonexistent.’

    Instead of trying to get one another fired and competing for a slice of a shrinking pie, let’s work together to fix the problem.

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    Unless you are pretty (or have nice tits) don’t be a wallflower

    First, I am Christian. You should not have sex before marriage. You should date for marriage and try to keep the time of courtship to a minimum. The goal is always marriage.

    That being said, a lot of Christian women will advise young girls to be nice, learn to cook and take care of a household…and God will bring you a man in due time.

    This works if you are pretty or have nice tits. If you are not that pretty and flat-chested…this will not work (although you should know how to take care of a household.) You will not get married being a wallflower if your looks are subpar. You will need cosmetic surgery (not breast implants!) and/or an outgoing personality. You will have to go man hunting. The men will not come to you…you will have to go to the men. Dating will be difficult. The moral pretty/nice tits girls will be long married by the time you find a man. But don’t give up. It can be done. It’s just a lot of hard work.

    Example: An acquaintance of mine, 6′ tall not a supermodel, but of the supermodel mold…walked into a shop and her future husband pounced and asked her out. The only thing she did was walk into a shop. I have similar stories regarding my other physically blessed friends and acquaintances. There was no work on their end except for existing within the ordinary sphere. No online dating, no having to go on a string of first dates…they just…existed. So of course, if you are having trouble in the dating world, taking advice from women who have no experience of Struggle due to their physical attributes…not the best bet.

    It was only when I began listening to the people who struggle the most with dating–aka Men–that I began to get good advice which led to me finding a husband.

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    No One Watches Lorenzo’s Oil Anymore

    A Cartoon that Encapsulates the Slave Mindset Perfectly. “How dare you think you can solve your own problems by individual research and education! Listen to us…always…we are the experts!” – screech our benevolent overlords.

    My husband had undescended testicles as a baby. As a result, the doctors refused to look any deeper into our fertility problems. Everyone, from my husband himself to his family to his doctors, wrote him off. Not one person would spend the time to look deeper into the problem…except for me.

    To make a long story short…After four rounds of IVF, I found an embryologist who stated ‘His sperm are all dead and have helmut heads.’ Now the embryologist stated this is an off-hand manner, if I hadn’t had argued with him, he never would have told me what he had seen. But that’s neither here nor there, as he did tell me.

    At the beginning of the relationship I had gotten a microscope and looked at my husband’s sperms myself. I had seen the round headed sperms, but I had also seen normal, fast and straight-swimming healthy sperms which is why I thought ICSI would work.

    So when the embryologist told me that All the Sperm Were Dead and All The Sperm had Round Heads…I realized that we weren’t dealing with undescended testes…we were dealing with a Progressive Illness. And a quick google search revealed that there were three causes of these exact symptoms:

    1. UTI
    2. STD’s
    3. Varicocele

    I dragged my husband, kicking and screaming, to a London clinic where he was diagnosed with a 4mm varicocele in one teste and a 2.5-2.8mm Grade 2 in the other….both of which they had somehow missed in previous ultrasound scans.

    So what is the moral of this story? If you want to get things done, listening to experts isn’t the way to do it, sometimes you have to use your Own Eyes and your Own Brain.

    Maybe everyone should be required to sit down and watch Lorenzo’s Oil?

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    My best discovery

    I live in an area where coffee shops are extraordinarily expensive. I used to be able to go to Starbucks, sit for five hours, and buy a drink and a croissant for $5. Now I’m looking at $10 to do the same. Two drinks and no croissant cost $12. I miss going to Starbucks so badly, especially now that it’s late Fall/early Winter. Starbucks is so cozy in Nov/Dec. I love buying a Caramel Apple Spice and enjoying the laid-back Christmas music. Anyways, I needed to find a Starbucks Cozy Atmosphere replacement so that I could get a bit of writing done. And I did! Here are my two favorite coffee shop background music videos for writing and studying. Even my husband Nick loves them. Thank you to Calmed By Nature for making these amazing tracks/videos!

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    If you’re not getting married after 2 years, dump his ass

    A man knows within 90 days of the beginning of a relationship EXACTLY where the relationship will go. He has it already planned out. He knows if you’re his wife, he knows if you’re his ‘stringer girl’, he knows if you’re one of his side plates, etc etc. He has even picked out the reason for dumping you (men will choose a woman with a flaw…just to use that flaw later on in the relationship as an escape route…make no mistake…they chose you precisely for this flaw so they wouldn’t have to commit.)

    If he hasn’t mentioned marriage within 90 days of the first date…RUN.

    My Dad proposed to my Mom after 3 months. She refused, broke up with him, and ran off to Germany. He waited until she got back, then married her.

    When a man wants to marry you, he will marry you.

    After the second date, Nick would regularly plan out his wedding speech based upon our silly email conversations. I figured since he had the wedding speech written by our 4th date, there was going to be a wedding.

    They always know.

    If a man says ‘Ha! I’m never getting married!’ Then you simply walk away and leave him to his life of pathetic loneliness. And laugh 🙂 Always laugh 🙂

    There’s a few ‘Black Swan’ exceptions to this rule—Autistic dudes…but even the exceptions to this Rule can EASILY be dragged to the alter. You just have to tell them ‘We’re getting married’ and then it’s fine.

    I’ve heard stories…mythical stories…of men who live with women for years upon end and have kids and live like married couples without being actually married.

    Well…I say these stories are ‘Mythical’ because I’ve known some of these couples:

    Couple A: was actually married, before the kids, before two years a dating, they just didn’t tell anyone. Why? I don’t know. Well they told me so, I guess a lot of people knew. But if you asked her on the street she would say ‘No, we’re not married.’

    Couple B: Man was cheating on his wife/girlfriend/whatever, and they essentially had an open-marriage. 3 Kids, totally cheating. I’m not sure she knew…but my hunch was that she does know and is totally cool with it.

    Couple C: Old Hippy couple, both not particularly attractive. And this leads to my one and only Exception to the Rule:

    The only time you can stay years and years with a guy and have kids with him and pretend to be married without being married…is if….*drumroll*

    He’s not attractive enough to get anyone else.

    That is the only time I’ve seen those relationships work. If the couple is just not that physically attractive…then they tend to stick together because…What other options do they have? No one else is going to fuck them!

    But I think we all have higher aspirations than that. So get married.

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    Divorce is not a way to turn your now ex-husband into a babysitter so you can have ‘Me’ time

    I think the title says it all. I’m seeing far too many women discover that they can get a divorce, and have many days ‘off’ from parenting.

    These women are divorcing perfectly good husbands and ruining their kids’ futures for NO REASON.

    Parenting every other week, or getting ‘weekends off’ is not something you should be proud of.

    Here’s the deal…when you become a parent (hopefully a stay-at-home mom), you are not going to have time to do anything you want. That’s just the way it is. You know that going into it. But here’s the deal…you get to have kids which is THE BEST THING EVER.

    Do you think I’m stupid enough to think I’m going to be writing books while having a baby(ies) or toddler(s) around? No! It’s not going to happen. And that’s okay.

    It’s ok not to accomplish ‘Things’ in this world because raising good, strong, healthy, moral kids is more important.

    This post was inspired by a facebook post from a recent divorcee talking about all the spas she’s visiting on her ‘off from parenting duty’ days.

    Ugh! Come on women!

    I know we don’t have family to help us raise kids anymore, and many women work full-time. But that’s why it’s so important not to work full-time when you have children and to figure out creative ways of getting some alone time. It’s also why you want to raise your kids to be ‘quiet’ and sit still so when you are with your children they don’t drain your energy.