• Decor

    Mr. Red’s Christmas Party

    This was the first year that I held a Christmas get-together with my friends Emily and Bronwyn. I cooked my legendary wiener schnitzel, along with a kale salad and mashed potatoes. Emily brought this amazing bouquet from Bering Flowers which replaced the original flowers that I had on the table. I was so grateful for such a beautiful gift! As everyone who follows my instagram knows, I LOVE fresh flowers. Bronwyn baked the most AMAZING gingerbread cake which was absolutely delicious! Nick and I ate that cake for the entire weekend. So grateful for such a wonderful dessert! Great food, great flowers, and great friends!

    As for the decorations, I got everything from Marks and Spencer (unfortunately it all went out of stock the day after Christmas.) The dessert plates, the matching platter, the tablecloth, napkins, even the cute little Christmas water glasses…all from England. I bought most of it in Edinburgh and carried it all back in the suitcase, but when I got home I ordered the tablecloth, napkins, and a second platter (it’s just so cute…I needed a back-up in case it breaks!) I’m so happy with my new Christmas table setting!

  • Decor

    Bunny Party: The First of Many!

    I bought this entire set (bunny cups, plates, mugs, and a tablecloth) from Laura Ashley in London when Nick and I went all the way back in May? June? I don’t remember! Finally I held a small brunch to use them. You will see much more of the bunny plates come Spring, as now it is November and I’m switching over to my Christmas plates 😉 But I wanted to put these photos up before I forget.