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    Don’t Stop Looking in the Mirror

    Looking at these photos was hard. I’ve gained so much weight, my body is becoming a middle-aged square box, and my face is one big giant puffball of fat. Truly hideous. But sometimes to solve a problem, you have to confront it head on. So that’s what we are doing today.

    A famous Japanese facialist said that as women age, they stop looking in the mirror. But her opinion was that as you age, you should look at yourself in the mirror even more because so much of ageing is preventable.

    But it’s hard. Very hard. I have no excuses. I’m a self-employed housewife with a very flexible schedule, the only stress I have in my life is from our struggle to conceive. In fact, my weight gain is now the source of most of my stress and that’s not good.

    Anyways, enough about my weight….I bought some new clothes! I got this lovely eyelet top from Vince Camuto. I think it is quite old, I just found it randomly on the rack for a very big discount. French Connection has a similar blouse that looks even better on me than this one, I am waiting for a sale. The sweater is from Lolly’s Laundry (Love it!) and the headband is from H&M (Love it also!) I got some cheap navy shorts from H&M to tie me over until I lose weight and can purchase something a bit more chic.

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    Quitting Hot Yoga

    I made the mistake of going to two hot yoga classes…one barre class and a ying class so we are talking super easy. I immediately began having coughing and lung issues at pilates reformer classes. I’ve sat in saunas and had no lung issues, yet after 1 hot yoga class I have issues? That’s not good.

    I tend to be prone to lung issues, so I’ve decided not to take the risk and quit my hot yoga classes.

    I’ll just hit the sauna instead! I’m thinking of trying an infrared sauna when Nick and I go to London.

    Jeg begik fejlen i at gå til to hot yoga klasser … en bar klasse og en ying klasse så vi taler super let. Jeg begyndte straks at hoste og lunge problemer ved pilates reformklasser. Jeg har siddet i en sauna og havde ingen lungeproblemer, men efter en varm yogaklasse har jeg problemer? Det er ikke godt.

    Så jeg har besluttet ikke at tage risikoen og afslutte mine varme yogakurser.

    Jeg vil bare slå saunaen i stedet! Jeg tænker på at prøve at få en sauna også, da Nick og jeg kom til London.