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    You Get What You Pay For

    If someone does something for you for free there is only one emotion you should have towards that person—gratefulness. Even if they fuck it up, well…they did it for free. There’s a reason why it was free. You were the cheap ass who decided not to pay for a professional. Don’t be a bitch and give the person the silent treatment (or even fail to say thank you) because them spending their entire Saturday morning (and prep time) trying to help your ungrateful ass wasn’t good enough for you.

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    Sorry for this Criticism

    Because it doesn’t take much to become a Protestant minister or ‘Christian celebrity’ due to the lack of intellectual rigour (versus Catholicism/Orthodoxy), you get a lot of liars. And because you have a lot of liars in public positions, the average Protestant/Evangelical is very bad at smelling them out.

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    Time for some Conservative Bashing

    I pick on Liberals a lot. But, it’s time for some Equal Opportunity Conservative Bashing…so here are four criticisms of Conservatives:

    • Minimum wage needs to be $15 – $22. I don’t care about any argument to the contrary.
    • ‘Pull yourself up by the Bootstraps!’ – Seriously?
    • I am not a supporter of Big Tech. I know plenty of people who have been removed from Youtube. However, all the Conservatives on Twitter saying ‘Any Day Now I’ll be Censored!!’ and are never, ever censored…Yeah I don’t trust you guys.
    • Living in Los Angeles, I know more Liberals with guns then Conservatives (which is disturbing.) Background checks are good, although many mass shooters would not be stopped as their bizarre behavior was documented in High School. In the past, I never dated a guy who owned a gun. Guns are to be used for hunting, for protection but not to be collected for fun. Maybe I’ll write a post on this.

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    What liberal women use to justify being stay-at-home Moms or housewives, because their religious ideology doesn’t allow them to be those things. Career women only.

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    “Because of people like YOU…

    Who choose not to get vaccinated, we’ll have to wear masks forever!”

    — Says the almost-100%-of-the-time liberal female

    You can practically see the venom drip from her fangs when she hisses ‘Because of people like YOU

    Don’t be this person. Don’t ever say ‘Because of people Like You…’

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    I’ll never be able to compete with alcoholics

    As an ex-sketch comedy writer and improv performer, I always feel like I need to make people laugh. Writing comedy and being a funny person are two different things.

    The other day I found an instagram account where the owner of said account is super fun and happy. This instagrammer is a ray of light in a world of darkness to me. I love them. But I began to feel bad about myself. Why am I not as fun to be around? Why am I not as carefree?

    It was my husband who pointed out the obvious. Alcohol. After a few days I realized, the instagrammer was pretty much sloshed every other day, and somewhat tipsy at least once a day.

    I don’t know what I think about that. It’s like Scott Adams and marijuana.

    I think I’d rather be a mediocrity then drink or do drugs. And I mean that. I’d rather be a mediocrity then use a substance to push myself. There’s something sad yet more honest in that life, but I value living honestly more than anything.

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    Marriage has taught me

    That being single and alone is a very unhealthy state.

    I have a hunch that once we have children, I’ll realize how ‘not ideal’ not having children was (I’ve already realized that because our childlessness is due to infertility.)