Christmas with Mr. Moose (Reindeer)

imageimageimageimage image image imageimage image imageThis is Mr. Moose the official mascot of my Christmas (he’s actually a reindeer, but for a really long time I thought he was a moose, so we’ll just go with it.)  As you can see, he’s a really great guy.  He brings presents to the woodland creatures, wraps gifts, helps me pick out a Christmas tree, decorates the woods, and even feeds the ducks.  Tomorrow morning he’s going to help unwrap Christmas gifts after Santa drops by.  I love Mr. Moose!  I bought the pretty gold butterfly decorations and the jeweled bird from Illum, a fancy department store here in Copenhagen.  In my humble opinion, Illum has the best Christmas decorations.  Mr. Moose (Reindeer) is a great Christmas friend!