How do you create your look?

Here are some of the ways I go about creating a cohesive look.

The Dream

Dior, Creating that perfect outfit

This is when I get an idea in my head: either an outfit, a color, or a fabric.  It’s completely derived from my own imagination.  For example, what I really want to wear is a mint green chiffon Greek inspired dress with cowl neck and sequined beading.  But since I’m not a fashion designer and I don’t have the time to be one, I have no choice but to make do with what is in stores.  So I have discovered that Asos.com (and to a lesser extent yesstyle.com) is the best place because I can type in Chiffon and/or Mint and get all of these wonderful options!  This is my favorite way to shop because I’m able to express my own unique personality.  If anyone has read my book ‘Kentucky Charm’ the main character Christine is obsessed with all things toile.  So you could imagine her staying up late at night doing google ‘Toile’ searches looking for that perfect dress.

The Random ItemKarl

When I’m writing I often flip back and forth from my word document to a fashion website.  From Net-a-Porter to Nordstrom, I constantly find items that I want to buy!   Unfortunately, this is the easiest way to waste money.  Because then I just spent $50-$100 dollars on an item and now I have to find what matches which requires me to spend even more money.  Not to mention, most of the time, the item looks awful on me and I have to waste a lot of time returning it.  So this is just very dangerous for my pocketbook.  However, occasionally I will find an item that will inspire me.  I have one of those items right now….the Karl Lagerfeld blazer from Net-A-Porter shown above…Ahhh!  Black leather pants, black leather skirt, white pants, blue silk blouse underneath for color contrast…oh the possibilities are endless!!!  I love it (but still can’t afford it and it’s now out of stock…tee hee…tee hee)!

The Inspiration8687c6530bb0218f9249be56a16694b9

I don’t do this often enough, but this is when you try to copy outfits created by the great designers from straight off the runway to old sketches from Dior and Chanel.  Shopping using this technique makes for great television!  Remember the tv show where the person is shown a photo from the runway and the challenge is to try and copy the look for under $100 dollars?  Yeah, fantastic and super fun.  But it’s very challenging and unless you really really like shopping and digging through racks and racks of clothing, not something I tend to do.

The In-Store Super Find or What Actually Looks Good On You

Target, Sailer Shirt, Sailbot Top

This is when you actually go to the store with no preconceived notions and find what looks good on you.  This is how I should be shopping, and frankly I think it is the best way to shop.  Every time I have done this I have not only found something fantastic, but I’ve also saved a lot of money and time because I didn’t need to return anything!  But the lure of internet shopping is so convenient, and as I said above, you can hunt for the perfect color or fabric or style at whim.  You have more freedom, but it comes at a cost of having things simply not fit.  So ladies, let’s all make a promise to go to the store and try things on in person!  That’s how I found this cute sailboat top from Target and the star of next week’s fashion post.  Enjoy!