How I stopped my kitten from peeing on the couch

My lovely little girl, Mrs. Grey, started peeing on the couch when she was 6 months old. First, I got the cats two litterboxes, one for each cat, but that did not stop the problem.

One day I caught Mrs. Grey in the act. As she peed on the couch, I realized that she had no idea where she was or what she was doing! It was as though she was sleepwalking.

Once the problem had been identified, it was easy to solve. Mrs. Grey sleeps heavily throughout the night. So the moment I wake up, and she wakes up, I say ‘Pee pee time Mrs. Grey, Pee Pee time! Go Pee Pee!’ I would physically walk with her to the litter box and she would very dutifully pee. We repeated this procedure 10-12 hours later before bed.

After awhile, she wouldn’t need me to accompany her to the litterbox, I would just say ‘Pee pee time, Mrs. Grey’ the moment I woke up. She would use the litterbox when I used the toilet. And now, I don’t have to say anything at all. The problem is solved!