Hubertus Hunt 2014 at Dyrehaven

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As you all know, I love horses and have even written a horse-themed romance novel (buy ‘Kentucky Charm’ here.)  So of course I have to come to Denmark to attend the Hubertus Hunt!  This is my second year in attendance, and I had a wonderful time.  The weather was amazing, with the sun shining all day.  I even got a sunburn!!  The Hubertus Hunt is a fake fox hunt held in Dyrehaven the first Sunday in November.  There are two riders who have stuffed animal fox tails pinned to their red jackets, while the other riders ‘chase’ them through an obstacle course.  It’s always fun to see who will fall into the watery moat at the very end, and this year did not disappoint with a rider getting soaked as their horse completed the race solo.  I was thrilled to see Prince Joachim and Princess Marie in attendance.  I saw them arrive with their children in a carriage drawn by the beautiful white Kladrubers that are housed and trained at Christiansborg stables.  At the end of the event, the royal family waved to the crowd from the top of the stunning Hermitage Palace.  I was also thrilled to be wearing my H&M dress which you may have seen a sneak peak of on instagram.  This dress cost 99 kroner and I’ve worn it to an art gallery, to a cocktail party, and yes even to the Hubertus Hunt!  I had to wear it to Dyrehaven before it became too chilly outside because the colors remind me of all those beautiful fall leaves.  I love this dress, and it is by far my favorite H&M purchase.