Hyperventilating – 194+ Copies sold in a few hours #9 in Mystery

I have a confession to make….

I forgot to enroll my book in Kindle Countdown Deals before I did this promotion.  You know what that means?  Yeah…35% royalty rate instead of 70% royalty rate.  Which means I basically just gave away 200+ copies of my book for free.

We all make mistakes.  Mine tend to be worse than others….Here is a picture of me with a bossy horse who forces me to feed him grass.  If I do not feed him grass, he denies me attention and love.  Story of my life 🙂IMGP8995If you look carefully at his snout, you can see where I gave him a big kiss 🙂 because he’s cute.

I hit #9 in Mystery and #679 in the Kindle Store.  EPIC!!