The Daily Rudeness

I’m Guilty of Using Israeli and American Tactics on the Playground in 2nd grade

When I was in 2nd grade I would chase the boys around the playground at recess. But when the boys would get tired of my constant harassment and chase me back, I would run to the girls (who were unaware that I was the one who started the whole chasing thing) and tell the girls that the boys were chasing me. This would upset the girls and the girls would join me in chasing the boys. Eventually though, my little Con Job was discovered. I remember that day vividly. Three girls confronted me on the field and chewed me out for being the cause of all the trouble between the girls and the boys. I lost a lot of friends that day…really…I lost friends. But I learned a valuable lesson called Don’t Be A Lying, Trouble-Making Hypocrite.