The Daily Rudeness

Lots of Parents like Child Sacrifice

There’s this mother on twitter who forced her 12 yr old son to get vaccinated and of course he got myocarditis. She wasn’t that angry when he was first diagnosed. She was angry over the medical bills, but she wasn’t THAT angry. She was still pushing the vaccine and making it known that she was boosted, as well as saying her other kids would get vaccinated when they reached a certain age. Her attitude was, “Yes, some kids get injured, but it’s for the greater good.” Tossing her kid into a volcano was always ok as long as society gave her a good reason to do so.

But now…as of January 29th…she’s angry. Really angry. Why is she angry now, three months later? Because Omicron has shown Covid to be what it always was…a big nothing for anyone with a normal immune system. Society no longer gives her moral cover for her child sacrifice. Stupid woman, you don’t toss your kid, or anyone else’s kid, into a volcano (or experimental drug for a disease the child has 0 risk from) for any reason.