Meghan and Harry are Deflecting from the True Issue

And that is:

Princy Harry and Meghan are too lazy and consider themselves too privileged to undertake several hundred engagements with the British people a year.

Of course, people who are that lazy and spoiled would sling mud at everyone else to detract from their work-shy behavior.

Even if Meghan and Harry end up doing something for Netflix and creating more podcasts for Spotify, they are still insulating themselves from the average person. It is only the Royal Family who, on a daily basis, engage with people from all walks of life.

Might I add, there is a benefit to being a Royal and ‘Not Having a Voice.’ A member of the Royal Family is not allowed to talk about themselves or discuss their personal views. There is beauty in this silence, because it forces members of the Royal Family to be Compassionate Listeners and only discuss problems facing others. Being a Listener and confining your discussions to the Problems of Others requires great self-discipline and personal sacrifice.