Hallmark Movies

Movie Recommendation: Valentine in the Vineyard

Hallmark Channel does it again! ‘Valentine in the Vineyard’ is the perfect movie for Valentine’s day. Nick was so wonderful, he sat down and watched the whole movie with me. I had tears in my eyes at the end…as usual. I thought it was one of the better Hallmark movie’s I’ve seen for several reasons:

  1. A healthy message about marriage — Just get married, it’s not about the ‘perfect timing’ or having the ‘perfect day’
  2. Weddings are stressful (tell me about it!) and stuff happens the night before the wedding that can lead to a panic
  3. Great acting- I laughed out loud so many times!
  4. Yeah, sometimes we feel competitive with other couples. We all want to prove that ‘our’ relationship is the best relationship LOL!

I don’t recommend watching a Hallmark Movie with your manly-man on Valentine’s Day, as he will not be happy. But maybe sneak it in over the next few days to get into the romantic spirit of the holiday.