My Accomplishments for the year 2021

When you are a housewife, especially a housewife with no children, you discover that even your closest friends and family think you have zero accomplishments in life. Add in the fact that I am very secretive about what I do during the day because it’s very high stress and you get a recipe for social disaster. I have also had a lot of health issues from 4 rounds of IVF and that’s not something you can talk openly about either, bragging about ovulating from your left ovary after months of pain, fasting and diet changes is not really a thing. So, after yet the umpteenth snotty remark about how I have no accomplishments to my name, I will list what I accomplished for 2021.

  • Lost no money in the stock market (and I trade on margin.) Getting better at taking small losses. Not holding over the weekend and even overnight is awesome and freeing. Still having trouble letting my winners run (I take profits too soon.) Getting better at spotting market tops–that first drop down is your warning to GTFO and STAY OUT.
  • I have been pain free since September. This is my biggest accomplishment of the year as I was still vomiting stomach acid publicly (on the bus) as late as May. My left ovary has ovulated at least twice since June which is a HUGE deal.
  • I successfully did intermittent fasting for several months
  • In January I lost my period which forced me to go into overdrive trying to solve the problem. I did manage one good period with extreme supplementation and extreme diet changes. If you think it doesn’t take a hellish amount of discipline to achieve that well…guess again.
  • Successfully predicted another winter lockdown and warned family members who were starting a business. Granted, these people did not listen to me and started the business anyways and are now very stressed out. But at least my conscious is clear. At least I spoke up.
  • I adopted Bolle and he’s a lovely cat. Why is he a lovely cat? Because I hug and cuddle him constantly. The love you give to a cat is the love you get from a cat. A nice cat who is loved by all in the neighborhood inspires others to get pets.
  • I have a gorgeous, clean, organized house and beautiful garden. I built my own headboard. And repainted/redecorated the master bedroom.
  • My other big accomplishment is keeping my promise to myself to never sit on my ass again and take every opportunity to workout and exercise. I have become a HUGE fan of dance. If it wasn’t for me getting the flu 3 weeks ago, I would have performed at a Latin concert. I dance up to 10 hours a week and that doesn’t include going to the gym and running. I can now do 2.5 hour workouts with ease and still be somewhat mobile the day of and the day after. I’ve always been interested in Natural Bodybuilding, and I think I’m slowly walking down that road and I am very proud of myself. My posture is awesome! I absolutely want to be the 60 yr old in the gym lifting weights. Absolutely.
  • My husband had TESE so we have sperm in the freezer. We were supposed to do our 5th round of IVF before Christmas, but shit happens (none of it because of me…just bad luck.)
  • My husband has not had a stroke, aneurysm, heart attack, myocarditis, or developed an autoimmune condition. I am proud of this accomplishment.