My $50 Pink H&M Suit

I wanted a pink suit so badly, but with my weight fluctuating due to fertility treatments I didn’t want to spend $200 for a suit that wouldn’t fit a week later. Luckily, last summer I spotted this suit on super sale at H&M. I paid $50 bucks for the entire look. That’s insane. The fabric is cheap, I won’t lie. I have to steam clean it like crazy as you can see. And my weight fluctuated so much that it wasn’t until this summer that I was able to wear the jacket and shorts at the same time. But I didn’t buy the suite for quality, I bought it for the color. And what a gorgeous color it is! The blazer is quite nice and easy to throw on with a pair of white jeans which I have done several times. In fact, I think I’m going to wear the blazer with some white jeans this weekend for brunch!