No One Watches Lorenzo’s Oil Anymore

A Cartoon that Encapsulates the Slave Mindset Perfectly. “How dare you think you can solve your own problems by individual research and education! Listen to us…always…we are the experts!” – screech our benevolent overlords.

My husband had undescended testicles as a baby. As a result, the doctors refused to look any deeper into our fertility problems. Everyone, from my husband himself to his family to his doctors, wrote him off. Not one person would spend the time to look deeper into the problem…except for me.

To make a long story short…After four rounds of IVF, I found an embryologist who stated ‘His sperm are all dead and have helmut heads.’ Now the embryologist stated this is an off-hand manner, if I hadn’t had argued with him, he never would have told me what he had seen. But that’s neither here nor there, as he did tell me.

At the beginning of the relationship I had gotten a microscope and looked at my husband’s sperms myself. I had seen the round headed sperms, but I had also seen normal, fast and straight-swimming healthy sperms which is why I thought ICSI would work.

So when the embryologist told me that All the Sperm Were Dead and All The Sperm had Round Heads…I realized that we weren’t dealing with undescended testes…we were dealing with a Progressive Illness. And a quick google search revealed that there were three causes of these exact symptoms:

  1. UTI
  2. STD’s
  3. Varicocele

I dragged my husband, kicking and screaming, to a London clinic where he was diagnosed with a 4mm varicocele in one teste and a 2.5-2.8mm Grade 2 in the other….both of which they had somehow missed in previous ultrasound scans.

So what is the moral of this story? If you want to get things done, listening to experts isn’t the way to do it, sometimes you have to use your Own Eyes and your Own Brain.

Maybe everyone should be required to sit down and watch Lorenzo’s Oil?