Not in Tuscany, but close

I got this cute dress from H&M 20% off! I can imagine wearing it on vacation to Italy. For the price, you can’t go wrong. It’s good quality for H&M and it’s super wearable. I can wear this dress while cooking dinner! And that’s the goal. To look pretty all the time at an affordable price.

The hat is also from H&M and the best purchase I have made there in my ENTIRE LIFE. The hat is so amazing I tried to buy another one, but this was the last one they had. I even checked other stores! I was so lucky, I paid $7 bucks or something.

The espadrilles are from I love everything at Boden and they have the greatest customer service I have ever dealt with. Such lovely people, such a lovely store. I enjoy visiting Boden in Sloan Square when I go to London. Americans, check this store out! Europeans, shipping to Europe is only 7 pounds.

When I first bought this dress, I could barely button it up. Well, I was able to button it up the other week. That’s not a big deal, but it’s a weight loss goal achieved. My next goal is to have this dress fit ‘Loosely’ which I think will happen after 5 kg weight loss. I’m 137 lbs right now, so I need to get to 133, then 127, then 123, and finally 120! Let’s keep going!