Obsessed with Gucci Wallpaper

I was watching Cara Delevingne’s latest house tour on Youtube, and I fell in love with the Gucci Crane Wallpaper used in various parts of the house. Now I’m walking around my house going “Would it work here? Here? Maybe everywhere!” The crane wallpaper is so classically elegant, yet fun…which is exactly my style.

I can’t decide between the pink or the green cranes though. Perhaps the pink has too much coral in it? I tend to go more for shades of burgundy. On the other hand, if you look at the dining room in the photo above, the pink would fit the style of my house perfectly. The green on the other hand is very classic, very posh. I feel like I would need a room like Cara’s living room shown below to really do the green cranes justice. Decisions, decisions!