On Writing: Amazon Ad Results for Kindle Book (w/Real Time Updates)


Final Results using Amazon $100 dollar Advertisements….

I think it’s a great service.  I’m going to keep using it, but it depends on which book.  Kentucky Charm is selling a copy a day through Amazon Ads at $3.99 which is AWESOME.  I’m breaking even right now…but hey…I’m selling books.  So over time…it could be big.

Lost Symphony I’m still experimenting with…a book set in Russia (nothing political whatsoever…I just enjoy listening to Russian composers like Prokofiev and Shostakovich) with classical music is a tough sell even though I think the book is hysterical, even moreso than Kentucky Charm.  Read it with a Russian Accent!  I promise it is fantastic!

So….in 5 days for Lost Symphony I got 22,000 impressions and 31 clicks and 36 detailed page views.  Kentucky Charm in two or three days has gotten 4,000 impressions and 13 clicks and 2 sales from just those 13 clicks which is astoundingly good.

Great service.  I’m going to keep it up.  Sorry Starbucks, my money is going to Amazon!