& Other Stories Femininity

I finally did it! I got dressed up and did a photoshoot with a professional photographer (who is amazing, check out my Instagram for her info!) I wore this lovely dress from & Other Stories, the ‘fancy’ version of H&M. I have to say, & Other Stories is turning into my favorite store here in Denmark. I am finding so many things that fit me, and that is rare, especially being a petite American in everyone-is-tall Scandinavia. The prices are grudgingly fair, and very good buys when on sale. The only problem is things sell out fast here in Denmark. Really fast. You have to be in the store once every week or two weeks to try on all the new arrivals and buy it if it fits, just keep the tag on in case it goes on sale. If a dress sells out in Scandinavia, it tends to still be available in the USA (so I have options.) I’m wearing a size 38, although if I had a flat belly I would size down to a 36 (I’m 5’2 and 136 lbs currently).

Now let’s get to the dress! This dress is a really nice piece for the summer. It’s very similar to several of the Faithfull the Brand dresses (here, here, and here) but at a better price point. The material is linen, and it’s very breathable…perfect for humid/hot summers. The sleeves fall down on me, but that’s only because I’m wearing one size bigger than usual due to my still-recovering-from-IVF belly bloat. It’s very feminine and extremely flattering on every figure. It’s a definite must have, and can works for petite girls.

My photographer saw this dress and it inspired her to make the flower crown which was super sweet. You’re not truly a resident European until you wear a flower crown!