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    Cancel Culture means there are not enough white collar jobs

    The point of Cancel Culture is to get people fired from positions you want. But why would you want to do such a terrible thing to someone? Because there aren’t enough white collar Liberal Arts based jobs to go around.

    I have watched fashion bloggers go ‘Full Woke’ and full ‘Cancel.’ It was all just a dog-eat-dog way of saying ‘The money is drying up, the likes are harder to get, the followers are nonexistent.’

    Instead of trying to get one another fired and competing for a slice of a shrinking pie, let’s work together to fix the problem.

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    Siblings Help You Become Successful

    Being an only child with no biological family past your parents sucks.

    If you have siblings you have a network. You can crash on your sister or brother’s couch in another state or foreign country until you get a job…a luxury that could help you achieve greater success. You may marry younger because your dating pool consists of your siblings’ friends.

    Siblings (good, well-raised ones) are like lily pads helping you get to where you need to go.

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    Two types of Pet Owners

    There’s the type who say ‘My love’, ‘Sweet Kitty’, ‘Oh Sweetheart’

    Then there’s the pet owner who says ‘Stupid cat’, ‘Stupid dog’

    Both pet owners love their pets equally, but it is a striking personality difference that I suspect may carry over to human relationships.

    Getting into the habit of being positive and loving instead of critical starts with your pets and will benefit your human relationships.

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    I am a cosmetic surgery advocate but…

    Say ‘No’ to breast implants. Breast implants cheapen you, and high-quality men dislike them. Also, remember, if you get married and pregnant, in nine months you won’t even need them as you’ll have naturally big boobs.

    Be careful with bulbous tip surgery, fillers, and lip fillers as these have the highest probability of destroying your natural looks (bulbous tip surgery either goes very very right or very very wrong.)

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    Unless you are pretty (or have nice tits) don’t be a wallflower

    First, I am Christian. You should not have sex before marriage. You should date for marriage and try to keep the time of courtship to a minimum. The goal is always marriage.

    That being said, a lot of Christian women will advise young girls to be nice, learn to cook and take care of a household…and God will bring you a man in due time.

    This works if you are pretty or have nice tits. If you are not that pretty and flat-chested…this will not work (although you should know how to take care of a household.) You will not get married being a wallflower if your looks are subpar. You will need cosmetic surgery (not breast implants!) and/or an outgoing personality. You will have to go man hunting. The men will not come to you…you will have to go to the men. Dating will be difficult. The moral pretty/nice tits girls will be long married by the time you find a man. But don’t give up. It can be done. It’s just a lot of hard work.

    Example: An acquaintance of mine, 6′ tall not a supermodel, but of the supermodel mold…walked into a shop and her future husband pounced and asked her out. The only thing she did was walk into a shop. I have similar stories regarding my other physically blessed friends and acquaintances. There was no work on their end except for existing within the ordinary sphere. No online dating, no having to go on a string of first dates…they just…existed. So of course, if you are having trouble in the dating world, taking advice from women who have no experience of Struggle due to their physical attributes…not the best bet.

    It was only when I began listening to the people who struggle the most with dating–aka Men–that I began to get good advice which led to me finding a husband.

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    I don’t Euthanize my Pets

    I don’t put any of my pets down. I’d rather do everything to make them comfortable (or cure them if possible) then be the one who shoves them into that dark night. If they suffer, that’s not on me. And who am I to say which suffering leads to death and which leads to recovery?

    If you euthanize a pet a week before they would have died naturally, are you not still a murderer?

  • Opinion

    Bridgerton is just porn

    Do the actresses ever get embarrassed?

    Encouraging young girls to masturbate is not my idea of accomplishment…character or not.

    That being said, I still watched it (while fast-forwarding through the sex scenes.) What does that say about me?