Lots and Lots and Lots of Christiansborg Photos

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Jacket: Land’s End Boiled Wool (similar here) | Booties: UGG Charlotte Seaweed Perf (here) | Shirt: Tommy Bahama | Jeans: 7 of Mankind (here)

I didn’t bring that many clothes to Denmark this summer because I was focusing on finishing my book (still not done yet…grrrr!)  But I found the perfect photo location in the city, Christiansborg!!!  All the branches of government are located in Christiansborg, from the Folketinget (Parliament), the Prime Minister’s Office, to the Supreme Court.  The royals use the reception rooms for parties and to meet people.  But most importantly, Christiansborg is where the royal stables are.  Because all that matters is horses.  I think in the future all of my outfit posts will be in Christiansborg.  I’m wearing a Land’s End Boiled Wool Jacket, Tommy Bahama Striped Shirt, UGG Seaweed Perf booties, and 7 of Mankind Skinnies.

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