Shoulder-Robing and Running for President

RichardNixon1Coat:  Ann Taylor Brushed Double Breasted Coat (here) | Skirt:  Ann Taylor Pleated Sweater Skirt (here)| Sweater: Ann Taylor Shimmer Turtleneck (here)

RichardNixon2DailyMail has an article about how all the actresses are putting the coats over their shoulders.  Well here’s a secret…this coat was one size too big and I was unable to exchange it for a smaller size so I chose to drape it over my shoulders.  It’s a lovely coat if you can buy it in your size.  The skirt has a wide waistband which is highlighting my stomach.  Even though the skirt was a petite, I feel like it is still a bit too big for my frame.  Live and learn!  That’s why you take photos, so you can see what an outfit really looks like and learn from your mistakes.  I also made the mistake of using a microcurrent machine right before taking photos and my face actually seems a bit swollen!  Oops!  Another comment that I have about this outfit is that I am a bit washed out by these lovely pastels.  I love this outfit’s color scheme, but…the only thing that I can think of is to take photos in front of a darker background.  And yes my shoes are too big.  Why?  Why?  Some things can’t be explained…