Sankt Hans


Jacket: Land’s End Boiled Wool | Striped Top: Tommy Bahama’s

I finally got out of bed after having my third flu in six months…October, April, June…plus having shingles in May.  One could make the argument that I am doing something wrong in regards to my health.  I believe it is my new calorie restricted diet.  Maybe not the best idea if you want to avoid getting ill!  But what can I do?  Lost Symphony of the Vorovskoy Mir added 20 pounds to my 5’2 frame.  The book I’m writing now…Nordic Nights….I have lost 15 pounds since I began writing.  I am now only 5-7 pounds above my doctor approved weight loss goal.  I have no answers on weight loss and health.  But enough about me, and on to Sankthans!  It is a Danish celebration of the summer solstice.  It was a pagan ritual that was then tweaked a bit to celebrate the feast of John the Baptist which is celebrated exactly 6 months after the birth of Jesus Christ.  It’s a lovely holiday where families enjoy a picnic on the grass, listen to a speech, sing songs all while a roaring bonfire is lit.