The Daily Rudeness

Sex is worth money and a lady should always get paid

There’s only two options for a woman: wife or prostitute. A wife is protected by her husband emotionally, physically and financially. A husband shares his earnings with his wife. They are united into one entity.

The opposite of wife is prostitute. A smart prostitute gets a group of regulars, thus limiting the dangers of her job.

You know what isn’t smart? Sleeping with a guy and demanding nothing more than the ‘boyfriend’ title and ‘companionship.’ How embarrassing is it to see a woman struggling with a full time job giving sex away FOR FREE to a man who is doing the bare minimum of ‘companionship boyfriending’ in order to keep the free sex flowing. That woman is saving that man A LOT of money (sex three times a week at $250 a pop means she’s saving him $750 a week or $3000 a month.) She’s helping him retire early with a decent sex life to boot! If you are going to be a man’s mistress (aka woman he will never marry), at least make sure he’s paying your rent and utilities. And for the women who are desperate for companionship, get a dog.