Sinners Love to Spread Their Sin (because they can’t handle competition)

I think it’s their favorite thing to do in life. It’s kinda sad!

I have so many examples it’s almost unreal. I would love to list all the specific examples because then you’d really get to see the world through my eyes and maybe even reach my same conclusions. But I can’t give any specific examples, because I don’t know who reads my blog and because ratting people out is rude.

I can say generically that people who get Divorced love to encourage others to Divorce. Divorce is like cancer, once it gets rooted in a family tree it spreads like wild fire and kills off everyone else.

Women who get divorced (I include people who had children who didn’t make it down the aisle before breaking up in this category) for more ‘frivolous’ reasons (not cheating or affairs) tend to go after other people’s marriages. I’ve had several female divorcees take shots at my marriage. These women are in quarantine where they belong.

Pre-marital sex is another sin people love to spread, almost gleefully. Especially to children, spreading that sin to children is great fun for them. Sexualizing young children is a sinners life goal, it validates all of their bad choices.

I’ve committed one bad sin in my life. I committed it with a cynical knowledge of the present world and a ‘means to an end’ attitude. Do I repent? Yes. Do I encourage others to commit that sin? No. A sin only brings negative things into your life. Period.

So why do people encourage others to sin?

This is easy! The world is a hierarchy of people…with the best people at the top. And by ‘best people’ we don’t mean Hollywood actresses or rich people.

Best people are intelligent, happily married to one person for 50+ years, have a ton of kids and grandchildren, good careers, an option for the mother to stay-at-home because the man earns enough to support the family, no divorce, no pre-marital sex, no previous partners, no debt, no drugs, no marijuana, no drama…etc etc etc

Sinners are people who failed to obtain this dream and can’t admit it. They aren’t on the ‘Top of the Human Hierarchy’ and can’t deal with it. They are the B and C students who hate the A students. So instead of studying really hard for the next test, they try to get rid of the test…and sabotage the A students.

If they can convince the A students to ‘eat the poison apple’ then there will be no A students anymore and the B and C students will become the A students.

It’s Snow White…Snow White was the most beautiful girl in the land so the Queen tried to kill her so the Queen could be the most beautiful.

Sinners try to eliminate their competition.

Don’t fall for it.