So the vaccines cause really bad side affects and you feel miserable, but you still want everyone to get one?

I was re-vaccinated at age 24 and I had 0 side affects. TB vaccine…nothing. All my booster shots…nothing.

And now, while you are suffering from a sore arm, fever, migraine, and hallucinations when you attempt to sleep and have gone past the usual 12-24 hours for said symptoms…You are still telling everyone else to get vaccinated?

In my city, there have been reported cases of blood clots and cerebral hemorrhage in people who had recently received their Covid vaccines.

That screaming headache of yours that has lasted over 24 hours now….what do you think that is? This headache could be the beginning of a stroke, a blood clot, or a cerebral hemorrhage. That’s what that type of headache IS.

Stop telling people to get the vaccine, and go to the hospital for goodness sakes!

Even when I had an allergic reaction to IUI fluid and my brain was on fire and I blacked out, that only lasted 5 hours. The doctor also classed it as an allergic reaction (a few days later my uterus dumped..long story). And guess what, that type of allergic reaction was a bad thing and my treatment was immediately changed. Part of my hair turned grey from the shock. All the people claiming that screaming headaches lasting over 24 hours are a ‘Good sign of your Immune System Working’ are crazy.