My Spring Dream

I’ve been eyeing so many things for Spring, but I just don’t have the money!  As of right now, I have various gift cards and a grand total of $275 dollars.  That amount of money doesn’t go very far.  So I figured I’d put all the outfits I’m eyeing on my website, and see what you guys think.


The first outfit on the top row:  Walter Diana Cotton Sweater at Gilt.com for $69 and the matching pants are Zara Printed Pants for $60

The second outfit on the next row:  My dream Summer Fresh Lace Insert Top from French Connection that I absolutely adore!  But I refuse to buy it without a 20 or 25% off code as it is currently $99.  Then we have various pants from Zara found here, here, here, and here all for $60 each.


This baby blue Ted Baker dress is $275, but it is so perfect!  The back of the dress (not shown) is equally stunning.  I want it, but how can I make it happen on my current budget?  I also LOVE the Eva Mendes Collection for New York & Company.  This Maria Dress combined with the Charlotte Cabochon necklace are very cute.  They retail for $80 and $35 respectively, but NY&C is very generous with their discounts so I could get both for $65 with a coupon and free shipping!

BlogPost3These are the two blazers I have been eyeing.  The Mint Green Blazer is from Wallis Fashion and is $70 dollars, but they discount their clothing all the time.  The Floral Print Blazer is only $36 dollars from ASOS, and I promise you if I get a 20% off clearance code while a size 2 is still available…that baby is mine!