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    On Writing: Huge January Promotion


    So this January I’m doing a huge promotion for both ‘Kentucky Charm’ and ‘Lost Symphony.’  Here are my dates:

    Lost Symphony

    January 11:  Book Butterfly

    January 12:  Read Cheaply, BKNights

    January 13:  Fussy Librarian

    January 14:  Bargain Booksy, Genre Pulse

    Not Confirmed: ENT either on the 14th through 16th

    Total Cost: 50+Free+16+70+20+cost of ENT = $167 plus the cost of ENT

    Kentucky Charm

    January 12:  Books Butterfly

    January 13: Genre Pulse

    January 14:  Fussy Librarian

    January 15:  Bargain Booksy

    January 16:  BKnights

    Total Cost: 75 + 19 + 16 + 70 + 16 = $196

    So I have to make over $400 dollars in book sales to break even.

    This will be interesting.  Pray.  Pray Hard.

    Lost Symphony will only get 30% royalty, while Kentucky Charm will get 70% royalty.