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    A walk around the Arboretum


    IMGP4584IMGP4529 IMGP4530I finally got to wear my two New York & Co. Eva Mendes dresses (brocade dress available here) while spending the weekend exploring the Fullerton Arboretum!  I also tried two different J. Crew necklaces with my Eva Mendes Brocade Navy Dress….the first is the J. Crew Stone Frame necklace available here and the second is the J. Crew Posy Necklace available here.  I like them both, but I’m leaning towards the pink in the Posy Necklace.  Which necklace do you prefer?  I also adore my Skagen leather clutch.  Oh you thought they just made watches…but no…they make much, much more!  Best. Purchase. Ever.

    I also started a youtube station!  So now you can see me move in the clothing!  Check out this video below! 

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    Zevia Soda is asking their fans to show off their #ZeviaStyle, so I thought this was the perfect excuse for a blog post!  I’m previewing my navy brocade Eva Mendes Collection dress from New York & Co. in this post, and it will appear again very soon!  My #ZeviaStyle is to put on a pretty dress and have a personal garden party in the California Hills with a can of Zevia soda.