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    Sunrise in Waikiki


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    Skirt (River Island old $20 ASOS)| Top (NY&Co. $20 old)| Heels (Pella Moda from LastCall $50)

    I found this skirt in the clearance section of ASOS.  It was $20 and for that price I couldn’t pass it up!  For several months I was unable to wear it due to weight gain, but I was finally able to bring out it during my trip to Hawaii in end of September.  It’s such a great outfit, with the lace inset top from New York & Co. just adding even more femininity.  Now…let me tell you a secret…I was in Nordstrom’s a few weeks ago and I saw a $500 dollar dress from a very well known designer who will not be named, and the material of that dress, including the craftsmanship was EXACTLY the same as this skirt I got for twenty bucks.  Yupp, the fabric was almost identical.  Just sayin’…

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    Zevia, New York and Company, Eva Mendes #ZeviaStyle, Eva Mendes Brocade Dress, New York and Company, BCBG White Heels#ZeviaStyle, Eva Mendes Brocade Dress, New York and Company, BCBG White Heels

    Zevia Soda is asking their fans to show off their #ZeviaStyle, so I thought this was the perfect excuse for a blog post!  I’m previewing my navy brocade Eva Mendes Collection dress from New York & Co. in this post, and it will appear again very soon!  My #ZeviaStyle is to put on a pretty dress and have a personal garden party in the California Hills with a can of Zevia soda.