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    In The Greenhouse


    H&M Jacquard Cropped Top and Skirt

    I love this outfit, it is very very high quality for less than $100 dollars.  The fabric is a very expensive thick knit, the same type of knit you see used in designer clothing.  The color combination is fantastic, especially the navy around my neck which complements my skintone and brings the focus to my face.  I was so happy to take these photos in a greenhouse because it was warm, but also because the lighting was fantastic!  It was tough to decide which pictures to put up because the lighting just made every photo look great.

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    My Spring Dream

    I’ve been eyeing so many things for Spring, but I just don’t have the money!  As of right now, I have various gift cards and a grand total of $275 dollars.  That amount of money doesn’t go very far.  So I figured I’d put all the outfits I’m eyeing on my website, and see what you guys think.


    The first outfit on the top row:  Walter Diana Cotton Sweater at Gilt.com for $69 and the matching pants are Zara Printed Pants for $60

    The second outfit on the next row:  My dream Summer Fresh Lace Insert Top from French Connection that I absolutely adore!  But I refuse to buy it without a 20 or 25% off code as it is currently $99.  Then we have various pants from Zara found here, here, here, and here all for $60 each.


    This baby blue Ted Baker dress is $275, but it is so perfect!  The back of the dress (not shown) is equally stunning.  I want it, but how can I make it happen on my current budget?  I also LOVE the Eva Mendes Collection for New York & Company.  This Maria Dress combined with the Charlotte Cabochon necklace are very cute.  They retail for $80 and $35 respectively, but NY&C is very generous with their discounts so I could get both for $65 with a coupon and free shipping!

    BlogPost3These are the two blazers I have been eyeing.  The Mint Green Blazer is from Wallis Fashion and is $70 dollars, but they discount their clothing all the time.  The Floral Print Blazer is only $36 dollars from ASOS, and I promise you if I get a 20% off clearance code while a size 2 is still available…that baby is mine!