The Art of Selling Out Without Selling Your Soul

Chanel 2014 SSEveryone is talking about Chanel’s Spring/Summer 2014 show, namely how the models wore glamorous pastel sneakers (did you ever think the word glamorous would be used to describe sneakers?) and the presence of Cara Delevingne.

I think Karl Lagerfeld is a ‘sellout genius.’  Over the last year the media has informed us repetitively that Cara is the greatest model on the runway and that she is the next Kate Moss (which she isn’t…Kate Moss doesn’t need photoshop to add a chin to her face.)  Cara joins good company, as the media reminds us daily that Jennifer Lawrence’s never-ending red carpet antics are not the sign of common rudeness but in fact fabulously refreshing.  And let’s not forget the media’s encouragement of Miley Cyrus’ transformation from young woman to prepubescent boy.

So we have Cara and her instagram antics (don’t forget the flat-footed coke dance!), Jennifer and her photo bombs, Miley and her twerking…these are the new role models for girls and young women.

So Karl Lagerfeld channeled the media’s latest definition of femininity and managed to make it his own…thus remaining true to himself and this timeless brand.  That takes genius.

The models skipped down the stairs like carefree schoolgirls in their pastel shimmery sneakers.  Cara Delevingne, with her head in the lead, slumped her way down the catwalk.

Yet the dresses were superb!  With corseted waists and faux-crop tops, they were modern, sexy, girlish, demure…and most importantly wearable by women of every age.

Even the sneakers, which at first I despised, began to grow on me.  Because sneakers are not just fashion, they are a practical need.  And Karl took the practical and turned them into beautiful art.  The more I think about it, the more I desperately want Chanel sneakers in pastel shimmery pink to pair with white skinny jeans and a cashmere sea green top!  It would be fantastic!  I love it!  Karl has done women a favor with these sneakers.  Now let’s not get lazy girls, nothing compares to heels.  But when you have to run to the bakery for your morning croissant and cup of hot chocolate, you need pastel sneakers.

So Karl did it.  He managed to grab hold of the media’s latest obsessions and turn them into a victory for his brand and his vision.  An amazing man and a wonderful show, thanks Karl!

Chanel SS14