The concept of ‘Investment Wardrobe’ is a Bullshit Marketing Scheme to get your Money

Beautiful coat, but no longer as flattering as it once was. Princess Anne is much paler now and the white isn’t helping.

What better way to convince women to spend $500 on a sweater? Tell them it’s an Investment Piece that they will wear for 20 years.

Guess what…it’s bullshit. If you have babies, if you have health issues, if you have a year of undisciplined eating, those investment pieces are out the window. The vast majority of us will NOT remain the same size for 40 years.

Princess Anne, an amazing woman, has a lot of investment pieces that she wears 40 years later. On one hand, this endears her to the public because she is so down-to-earth, but on the other hand, we all wish she would just buy something new.