The Fort Worth Stockyards

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American Eagle Shorts (in-store clearance section $12.99)| H&M flannel shirt (here $24.99)| White tank from Loft| Aerosoles Headliner Sandal from Macy’s (here)

Before I left for Texas I went on an emergency shopping spree.  American Eagle and H&M are opposite one another at my mall, so with the limited time I had those were my choices.  I immediately spotted this AMAZING flannel shirt in green, and green has been popping up everywhere for fall/winter.  I bought it and thought “Hmmm….what matches?”  I saw some neon green shorts in the clearance section of American Eagle and went “Ah ha!  A match made in heaven!”  Unfortunately (and I’m being honest here), they only had size 10 and size 6 in the shorts…well I’m an 8.  I decided on wearing the size 10 and paired it with a belt from LOFT as I had to leave on a plane in hours!  After walking around the Stockyards all morning, I did tighten the belt up a notch and it looked even better.  I was so lucky to get that horse photo!  I was walking past his gate and suddenly he poked his head over like “Hello, what are you doing?”  I can’t believe I got that shot!  Made my entire trip to Texas just that much better!